What is an underdog?

Underdog Fitness™ 

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"Where Underdogs Rule the World."

An underdog is the person that the world has deemed having slim odds at being the victor. 

All of us have an underdog in us. You root for them in movies, books, and your favorite TV shows. The reason is that everyone, deep down, hopes for the shot at being the underdog. 

No matter how much anyone every counts us out or down, we do not give up and we always come through.

I am an underdog.

                 YOU are an underdog.

My online fitness program is designed for people who want to spark the part of themselves that knows greatness lies within. Underdogs find that fire and pull it out of themselves, and that light shines for the world to see.

When it comes down to it, underdogs truly rule the world. People scoffed at them and said they couldn't make it, that their dreams were out of reach, and they came out the other side the victor.

This site, this program, and the goal here is to uplift and honor the underdog in all of us.